Sword of Dawn releases new hollow dice

1. Mechanical architecture, enjoy space aesthetics, and use your imagination 2. High hardness but light weight, durable wear 3. Weight: 46 g. It is lighter than resin dice!!(resin dice about 60g, traditional solid metal dice about 120g) 4. Easier and safer scrolling.It won't break the desktop. As we all know, solid metal dice have always been relatively heavy, with each set weighing about 120g. Rolling has a certain amount of destructive power, and the weight also limits the frequency of rolling, thus affecting the randomness of throwing. As a company that has been engaged in the production and development of metal dice, all the technicians at CHENGSHUO are trying to solve the weight and destructive power of metal dice. Initially, although we removed the sharp corners of the dice, traditional metal solid dice were still overweight (for some customers). After a series of discussions, our design department finally decided to develop hollow metal dice.This is not a simple thing, we need to maintain the traditional metal dice of metal beauty and metal hardness under the premise of reducing its weight!We replaced a variety of materials and lost hundreds of embryos in the process.Finally, we choose pure copper as the raw material.After modifying and scrapping 3 sets of moulds, we completed the making of hollow moulds (silly auto correct dice/ hollow darts dice).
1:Mechanical wind hollow design
2:Bone hollow design
3:Simple industrial style hollow design
4:Hollow design of Statue of Liberty

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